How To Magnetize In My Home Business

We all have an interesting perspective when it comes to money. Most people think they never have enough. However, there is one segment of the population that believes they always have enough and they can create more if needed. Why do some people seem to have very little money when others seem to have plenty?

The people that believe they never have enough suffer from lack of understanding and displaced consciousness. Our conscious mind keeps us in a state of knowing what our current situation has become. Now, if you look at this closer your consciousness should always be in the presence and not in the past or looking to far ahead. When we get our minds right then we can have true success in understanding the principles of wealth and prosperity.

Let’s look at three keys elements that prosperous people know and consciously apply everyday.

Element #1 – Abundance is magnetized into our lives. When you magnetize abundance from the universe you will attract the things that you need to be successful. I remember one morning I woke up and my wife told me that we needed some extra money to go celebrate birthdays with family. We had not allocated money for this event so I had to figure out a way to draw the money to us. I went into my “brain file” and started thinking of ways to immediately attract this money. Suddenly, I realized that it was Saturday and immediately went to look outside to check the weather. I noticed a neighbor setting up for a yard sale. AAHHHHAAAAAA!!! That is when I knew I had to act. I immediately went to my garage to see if there were some things we could sale. I found many things I no longer needed. We started putting things outside and two hours later we had made $120 from our yard sale. When you put your mind into gear amazing results will come.

Element #2 – Money is a reward you receive for the service you offer. We all have great talents and abilities. When you think of the talents you have I’m sure you can think of something that you can do that would be of value to someone else. I cannot tell you exactly what this would be because I do not know all that you are capable of doing. The only person that knows this is you. Find a way to give to others through your talents then the wealth will be drawn to you many times over.

Element #3 – Sow some seeds. We all need to go out and give to someone else to magnetize abundance. By giving we can sow amazing seeds of appreciation and receive blessings at the same time. People often wonder why their home business is not taking off the ground. When you started the home business, were you starting it for the right reason? Was it based on greed? Or was it based on caring and compassion for others? When we start home businesses to help better others and create abundance in the world then we are on track to building better financial futures for our family.

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