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Home Business Opportunity is a highly searched keyword term on Google and the other search engines due in part to the current economic climate. The global economic slowdown has made all of us fully aware of the impact that a recession has on everyone’s job security. Many companies have gone bankrupt and closed down as a result of poor management, management greed and economic impaction. Companies are being forced to make employee salary cuts, downsize their business functions or other similar adjustments just to stay in business. Due to these real and/or perceived job losses, many people are giving serious consideration to starting their own home business opportunity.

Recession vs. employment:

Most individuals prefer to work for large organizations with good employment benefits rather than take the risk of owning their own business where their financial success or failure is their personal responsibility. However, due the huge employment deficit as a result of the recession, there are very few jobs or positions available so people are being forced to be more creative and enterprising in finding employment. Now more than ever, hundreds of thousands of individuals are exploring home based business opportunities as a means of resolving their financial crisis.

However, there is a constant fear in most everyone’s minds. Is this the right time for them to commit their cash reserves to starting a business? This is the big question that lurks in their minds based on the current economic status. After all, they may need that money for family matters. Additionally, they are fearful of starting a business that requires expertise and physical capabilities outside of their comfort level. This hesitancy and self doubt will prevent many capable individuals from taking the risk of setting up a business and could prevent them from being financially successful in life.

Recession creates opportunity:

While many qualified and capable individuals are reluctant to start a home business, the economic slowdown is the perfect time to start a business venture. There are hundreds of success stories about businesses which were started during previous economic slowdowns. The most critical personal trait that is required of anyone starting a business is a strong positive mental attitude. “If you think you can, you can” or “If you think you can’t, you can’t.” You will be right with ether decision. It’s your mental attitude that makes the difference between success and failure. With a positive attitude, you can use adversity in your favor. Don’t let the recession stop you from success. It is decision that you could resent for the rest of your life.

You need to change with the times:

Most people hesitate and are reluctant to move outside of their comfort level for any reason. For example, someone that has worked in a corporate sector for a long time would normally not consider starting a home business during normal economic conditions. However, when their job is either lost or in jeopardy of being lost, they are forced to consider other alternatives to support their life styles. With the loss of their paycheck and accompanying company benefits, they find that they are suddenly rendered un-employed or under-employed. That is when reality sets in and they are forced to consider other entrepreneurial skills to survive.

Recessions are blessing in disguise for entrepreneurs:

Research shows that in previous recessionary periods, many white-collar executives and blue-collared workers who were laid off started home business ventures and became highly successful. However, it is important to note that very few, if any, achieved overnight success. Like any business, creating a solid foundation for a business is critical to its long term success. A big percentage of business startups fail during the very first year because of lack of management skills, under capitalization, poor customer service, corporate greed and other related problems.

The good news to remember is that when you start your business opportunity you become self-employed. If you are as hard working and as focused on success as you were in your white or blue-collared job, you can expect to succeed in your home business as well.

Benefits of owning a home business:

Anytime that you start a private enterprise and especially during a recession, your primary focus should be on the bottom-line. Keeping your business in a positive cash flow position is critical to your future financial success. Below is a partial list of business functions that are required in order for your business to survive a recession:

o Provide quality products and/or services.
o Keep your business cost efficient.
o Build great customer relations for repeat business.
o Continually evaluate existing products/services and cull as necessary.
o Continually evaluate and add new products and/or services.
o Network with your customer base and vendors.
o Maintain good employee relationships.

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